XIU XIU 20th Anniversary Box Set (FREE SHIPPING)

  • XIU XIU 20th Anniversary Box Set (FREE SHIPPING)
  • XIU XIU 20th Anniversary Box Set (FREE SHIPPING)
  • XIU XIU 20th Anniversary Box Set (FREE SHIPPING)
  • XIU XIU 20th Anniversary Box Set (FREE SHIPPING)
  • XIU XIU 20th Anniversary Box Set (FREE SHIPPING)

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Full preview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7oPmnJWddQ


* One box per customer, please.
* Please do not order any other items from this store together with XIU XIU 20th ANNIVERSARY BOX SET. This box set will be shipped in a made-to-fit heavy duty mailing box and there will not be space for other items in the box (this is to ensure your box will arrive intact). In case you would like to order any other item from Xiu Xiu merch store, please make a separate order. Thank you very much.


- Edition of 300.
- All signed and hand numbered by Angela Seo and Jamie Stewart
- Body of the box is cut from sturdy foam created for Swarovski, outer casing is made from core colored Italian paper (680 gsm)
- Lyrics book is printed on Munken paper (90 and 160 gsm)

This box set includes:

- 16 full length audio cassettes (15 regular Xiu Xiu albums + 1 special compilation of 7” singles, covers and deep cuts from Xiu Xiu's bandcamp).
- Pocket size lyric book (186 pages) with lyrics to all 15 Xiu Xiu albums
- Liner notes to each album written by Jamie Stewart
- Unique box set developed in cooperation with designer Roman Havlice and Ivo Stuchal (from SENSO laboratory)

Albums in this box set are as follow: Knife Play (2002), A Promise (2003), Fabulous Muscles (2004), La Foret (2005), The Air Force (2006), Women As Lovers (2008), Dear God I Hate Myself (2010), Always (2012), Nina (2013), Angel Guts (2014), Unclouded Sky (2014), Xiu Xiu Plays The Music of Twin Peaks (2016), Forget (2017), Girl With Basket of Fruit (2019), Oh No (2021), Select 7 Inches, Digital Singles & EP Tracks (2002-2020).


Notes from Jamie Stewart about this box set …

When I was a kid, a friend of my parents who lived with us sometimes left a Marvin Gaye box set on my record player. It was unclear if he meant it as a gift for me or if he was listening to it himself and forgot to collect it. I had never seen this format before and was confused and fascinated by how much time and work it must have taken. By design, I began to understand that it was not even possible to have a box set unless a band or an artist had made a lot of records. Well, between 2002 and 2022, Xiu Xiu made a lot of records.
Stoned to Death Records, insanely, has honored us with presenting our first cassette box set. It is a collection of all our LPs from 5RC/Kill Rock Stars, Polyvinyl and Graveface as well as a bonus selection of tracks from 7 inches, EPs and digital only releases.
It is thoughtfully constructed using the highest quality tapes, materials, duplication and printing. Included with each numbered and signed box set is a cassette-sized complete lyrics book and liner notes for each release. It will be in an extremely limited edition of 300 copies and will not be reprinted.
We would like to thank YOU so deeply for making this possible, for sticking with us over two decades (Holy Cats! that went by fast) and for, without a doubt, being the absolute best fellow earthlings one could ever dream of.
- Jamie Stewart


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