XIU XIU - Unclouded Sky (tape, 2nd edition)

  • XIU XIU - Unclouded Sky (tape, 2nd edition)
  • XIU XIU - Unclouded Sky (tape, 2nd edition)

2nd tape edition of UNCLOUDED SKY with reworked artwork, full lyrics and new liner notes by Jamie Stewart.

full stream: https://stoned-to-death.bandcamp.com/album/unclouded-sky-2


I have an entwined relationship with North American religious folk music. My father and uncle were both musicians and part of the Folk Revival movement of the early 1960s. The songs on this tape would have been songs that influenced them and their peers, some of which were songs they themselves sung. My parents raised me to be a religious person but luckily did not do so in a way that was punitive nor used as a means of control. It was presented as a refuge that was open, flexible and a path of love and forgiveness. They were both literally insane and this was their way of trying to give me some stability as a young person. Because I had a good experience with religion in its loosest forms it is something that has continued to part of my life, although a very private one aside from these notes I suppose? It is not for everyone of course and thankfully there are as many ways to be a person as there are people.

Through my father and uncle and through my own spiritual background I began to listen to these traditional songs. I was greatly moved by their connection to my family’s early exploration of music but also by how simple and direct they were in the expression of pain, hope, hopelessness, loss, sadness, longing...


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